Basic Calibration

You will be ready to move to initial calibration after choosing settings and binding of trackers if you need them. Basic calibration works differently in the VR-mode or without it.

Calibration without VR headset

This calibration type is done in three steps. To begin, press Calibrate button in the Calibration Preset group.

You may choose not to use the timer before the calibration starts. In this case, you may require an assistant who will press Next button to transition to the next step of the calibration. The timer interval can be changed in the settings menu of VR Mocap Studio.

Wear on Vive Trackers and place the controllers next to you if you use them. Press button Ready after this.

Every tracker or controller that occupies proper position with its bone will be highlighted. The calibration will be conducted automatically if all the sensors will coincide with the character model.

Typically, the trackers fit the model right after completing the second step.

Calibration in VR headset

The calibration is being done in the VR-headset if option Capture in Headset has been enabled in the preset parameters. The process comprises two stages.

Put on trackers and the headset and make sure that the controllers are nearby. Press button Calibrate next.

During the first stage, you have to stand in the T-pose (stretch arms to the sides) and wait till the countdown of the timer. The timer interval can be adjusted in the settings. Also, you can press trigger on the right controller or ask your assistant to press Enter button on the keyboard.

After the calibration in the T-pose, the program will try to align the character model with your location. Step into the VR character and again wait till the countdown of the timer or use the right controller trigger/press enter button.

The VR mode will be automatically turned off after the end of the calibration.

Next: adjust results with manual calibration tools.