VR Mocap Studio is a flexible and powerful solution for human motion capture with SteamVR tracking system. Use any compatible VR headset and from 4 to 11 additional tracked devices such as Vive Trackers and motion controllers to capture full-body animation.

Thanks to the plugin for Unreal® Engine 4, you can use this technology to create real-time human avatars in theatrical performance, immersive VR games or training simulations.


  • custom character models and skeletons supported1
  • export animation to Autodesk™ FBX® и BVH formats
  • support from 4 to 112 tracked points including multiple points for high-quality torso animation
  • up to two Vive Trackers can be used to capture the same bone3
  • accurate manual calibration of Vive Trackers
  • capture in VR headset or without it
  • use SteamVR4 controllers, Leap Motion or ManusVR to capture fingers animation

System Requirements

  • OS Windows 10 64-bit
  • 8 GB RAM
  • nVidia GeForce GTX 970 videocard or equivalent
  • SteamVR-compatible VR headset, 2-4 base stations, 2 motion controllers and 1 Vive Tracker or 3 Vive Trackers
  • some free room space
  • internet connection

1 — see documentation for detailed information about supported skeletons
2 — up to 11 tracked points, including two motion controllers, VR headset and 8 Vive Trackers
3 — up to 2 Vive Trackers can track a bone, the feature usually used for pelvis
4 — any SteamVR-compatible controllers can be used to capture fingers motion, but Valve Index give the best result